10 Hot Web Marketing Questions Answered

The web today is a veritable tool to marketing as it has been researched as very versatile and cost effective. The reason I so much like web marketing is because of it’s convenient nature. You see, one has to put the right machinery in motion  dark web link with very light follow up. The next is to stand back and watch profits roll in. it will not be news today that there are several marketing strategies and methodologies online, it will be advantageous to say that not all of them have what it takes to actually deliver. If you are a newbie in internet marketing, and you are reading this piece, you are in the right place, because all your pending fears will be allayed after reading this article and you will be able to avoid the pitfalls that most newbies find themselves in web marketing.

Question 1: How is advertisement a priority in web-marketing?

Answer: Advertisement is an essential tool that ensures business success. You see one thing is to have an idea and another is to propagate such idea for everyone to benefit. Business without advertisement is like winking to a beautiful girl in the dark. You only know what you are doing, other people do not! I have discovered that ezine ads are very effective advertising solution for better results, especially the small to medium sized ezines. When considering an ezine, ad purchase, one must check for availability. If ad space is immediately available, then it could mean that there isn’t much demand for the advertisement possibly because of poor results. However, if ad space is unavailable for several issues, i.e. If there is a waiting list, then this is usually a good sign that the advertising produces results. It is not a cast in stone rule, but it seems to be fairly consistent in my own marketing strides.

Question 2: Do you think a web-marketer can generate instant traffic? What do you think is the best way to increased website traffic?

Answer: Instant traffic is almost a mirage, the likes of fools’ paradise! As far as all of the hype promising it most people promise instant traffic in trying to sell a submission software or service for thousands of free for all (FFA) link pages or classified ad sites. Theses are shear waste of time and money and surely do not generate any of the advertised traffic. So watch out, do not buy those hits. From my experience, it is only one technique that can deliver instant traffic and that is a joint venture project.

Question 3: what are the needed marketing tactics that internet business owners should attempt to build their online presence?

Answer: what I will recommend is you relationship! Yes absolutely there is not a better daily marketing tactics that can be used. Building relationships is in facets. It includes training and working with affiliates, participating in joint ventures, trading ezines ads with other publishers, bartering for products and services, posting in online forums and answering emails. I believe this is the key to online business success.

Question 4: Do any of web promotion software and traffic tools produce results?

Answer: To be frank here, none of them can really deliver! All you get is SPAM mails from different people after you have submitted your site. So don’t even encourage it.

Question5: How can an internet business owner improve the response rates of his advertising?

Answer: The best way to this is to step in the shoes of the reader! Yes, think like a reader at all times, imagine what the reader likes to read, what does he want? If we could stumble upon your ad or your website what will he hope to find there? For majority, it is one of the following; o A legitimate way to earn money o A solution to an existing problem o A method of finding fulfillment and happiness.

Another point here is sincerity. Is your advertisement believable and realistic? Avoid hype that are too good to be true like plague. Advertisement like earn $30,000 in 30days or lose 30lbs in one week is lies and exaggeration, people won’t fall for such. The better option will be to specify exactly. for example ‘ Let me show you how I added 450 subscribers to my ezine in one week’ will be accepted than ‘Let me show you how I added over 500 subscribers to my ezine in one week.’

Question 6: what is the significance of headlines and ad copy to generating website traffic?

Answer: This is not far fetched! If your headline does not grab attention, your advertisement probably won’t be read. Headlines are absolutely vital to the success of any advertisement. I feel the following tactics will help write killer headlines. o Use power words that pull e.g. ‘Free’, ‘Limited’ and ‘New’ o Highlight customer testimonial. Let others sell for you. o Make them take a test. It helps them see reasons o Talk to the targeted o Instill a sense of instant action or urgency. I.e. today’s the last day.

Question7: Which method produces more responses using a website URL or an auto responder in your advertising? Why?

Answer: The two methods are very important and result oriented. If you are more concerned with guaranteed ability to follow up, then I would recommend using an auto responder instead of a website link. You will be able to collect the email address this way and can even trigger an entire series of periodic messages when the auto responder is mailed to. Testing both of these methods will show you exactly which one is most beneficial for your specific circumstance.

Question 8: Seems like for a while, that advertising in ezines was quite popular how effective is this form of advertising and how can it be used for best results?

Answer: For real, I would say that Top Sponsoring Ads and solo mailings would be your best bet for seeing results. You can also write articles and submit them to other publishers. This can add up to a lot of free publicity in a short amount of time, as you include resource box the bottom of each of your articles, which of course includes your website link. The best way however, to use ezines is to build your own opt-in mailing list. If you provide quality content, you will have loyal readers which are also loyal paying customers.

Question 9: Email marketing is both risky and effective, how can a web marketer reap the benefits of it without participating in SPAM? Is it possible to generate email leads without asking for trouble?

Answer: Don’t ever send someone unsolicited commercial email (UCE) also known as SPAM. There are much better ways of marketing online that are much better ways of marketing online that do not carry the consequence and repercussions that SPAM carries what works best to generate leads is to offer a freebie. Everyone loves the word “free” if you offer the right freebie, then you will most likely be able to see some significant prospects come along you way. Your freebies need to do TWO things in order to see similar results. o It needs to focus in on one of those 3 things that everyone wants, which I mentioned earlier. Provide financial gain; meet a need, point towards fulfillment. o It needs to consist of quality content. A poor quality will not only fail to fulfill its purpose, it will actually damage your business.


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