AdWords Tracker – You Must Try it Now!

Frustrated about finding these ‘Golden’ Pay-Per-Click Keywords in your campaigns? AdWords Tracker is probably what you need. Thanks check keyword rankings to this advanced technique we no longer need to wait for so long until we can figure out where cost-effective sales are coming from. Interested about getting the best possible conversions at minimal cost? Start reading this quick article.

Short background

This AdWords Tracker performs one important task – it automatically scans top search engines for all PPC-Ads that are being triggered by keyword(s) that you ‘feed’ it with. Now comes the ‘intelligence’ part where each Ad is being followed day after day – the basic assumption is that if it appears for at least 7-10 consecutive days, it shows that there are great odds that this marketer is getting a positive roi or he/she just likes to spend money for nothing. When it finishes collecting enough data you’ll be able to find out which Keyphrase(s), ad(s), and landing page(s) is that ‘golden’ money-making combination.


While examining what is in it for us, we quickly find the following:

* Automatically tracks ‘broad’, ‘exact’, ‘phrase’, and ‘negative’ matches.

* Provides an important PI (Profitability-Indicator).

* Any online-marketer can afford using it with minimal budget.

* Our competitors do all the hard work for us for free.

Bottom line

If we want to summarize the following report we can clearly state that AdWords Tracker easily transforms PPC-Marketing much more effective than before. Without any question – there are plenty other benefits provided by this special method, simply because it offers so many opportunities that can truly help to our webmarketing success. By the end of this quick report the best advice would be to watch a demo and run it on your systems in order for you to enjoy the benefits that it offers.


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