Can You Use Your HQ Hydra on Land?

The answer to this question is yes! The bottom line is that you can use your water-relaunchable trainer kites anywhere that you can use a  гидра тор conventional kite, as well as on the water. But before you go flying your kite on the snow, there are a few things you should consider.


  1. Your water re-launchable trainer kite is more delicate than a conventional foil trainer kite. Water re-launchable kites are composed of air cells with one way valves that allow air in, but do not let it out. This is helps the kite stay full of air when crashed on the water – a situation where any other trainer kite would sink. However, the fact that the kite is sealed makes it more likely to be damaged in a hard crash. If you plan on using your kite on the snow, just be aware that it is more delicate, and try not to crash it as much (which sometimes is easier said than done).
  2. If you want a snow specific kite, there’s a better kite for you. If you want to use your kite specifically on snow, then there is a better kite out there. In the end, if you will be doing more kite flying on land than on the water, then you should be looking for a land specific kite. However, if you just want to venture out onto the snow occasionally then your water re-launchable trainer kite is the one for you.

If you have chosen your trainer kite properly, you should not have any problems flying it wherever you wish. If you have not chosen your trainer yet, you can ensure that you get the best kite by considering where you want to fly it, how much you want to spend, and what your ultimate goal is. If you love the water and want to fly your kite there, then a water specific kite is your best bet. If you live in the bitter north and get long winters and the water is too cold to fly your kite in, then you might be better off getting a land specific kite.

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