Do Aliens Really Exist? – Where Did They Come From? – Why Are They Here?

We seem to be living at a time where UFOs, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilation and Alien Encounters are on the rise. The possibility of extraterrestrial life seems to be on the minds of millions of people. Are there extraterrestrial civilizations across the vast Milky Way galaxy? Are we really alien og seeds alone? Are there just a lot of mystical speculations? So the question is, do Aliens really exist and if so why they are here and where did they come from?

Many feel that Aliens exist because, for what else would be the purpose for the earth to be the center of the universe. There are many reports, research, and theories against hard evidence accounts of countless photographs, instrument readings, alien encounters, UFO sighting, crop circles and cattle mutilations so there is no doubt of their existence. So what is the mystery behind these extraterrestrial beings? Where did they come from and what do they really want?

Who Are the Aliens?

The mystery behind these Aliens goes beyond the hard evidence of their current existence. I am going to unfold where they came from because that will help us to give them their true identify and their purpose. This will also solve the big question which is: Is there really life on other planets such as Mars and etc?

I briefly covered the scientific research of Alien and UFO phenomena so now we are going to the very roots of their origin. This origin starts at the beginning of time which was at the fall of Satan and the Watchers. These Watchers are also knows as Fallen Angels who took an oath with Satan. They choose to walk their own path with Satan and gave up their diving order with God. These Watchers are the Fallen Angels, which the world calls Aliens today. The Fallen Angels broke Gods law and lived amongst us. God had clipped their wings and they became mortal, freakish and hideous creatures.

1 Enoch 12:4 “At that moment the Watchers were calling me. And they said to me, “Enoch, scribe of righteousness, go and make known to the Watchers of heaven who have abandoned the high heaven, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, as their deeds move the children of the world, and have taken unto themselves wives: They have defiled themselves with great defilement upon the earth.”

The above scripture is a quote from the book of Enoch. Enoch is a man who lived before Noah’s Flood who God took up to the 7th heaven and reveled the mysteries of the throne. Enoch never saw death. So how did the Fallen Angels get to be Aliens in UFOs? The quick simple answer is they abandoned the high heaven, the holy eternal place. Now let’s take a look at these Fallen Angels before and after Noah’s Flood which will allows us to better identify them.

• Before Noah’s Flood these Fallen Angels in collaboration with Satan decided to take the earth for themselves. They had children known as the giants. Their 400,000 giant children built cities of technology such as Atlantis. They had an inter dimensional urban society with class structure and aristocracy as well as priesthoods, kingship and wealth accumulation. They also had a global mining program, DNA and genetic engineering and interbreeding program, advanced architecture, and the rejected mysteries which deceived the carnal mind.

• Before the flood God cursed the seed of these Fallen Angels and removed their ascending powers. God also brought war between their children. It was Noah’s Flood that destroyed and ruined the Fallen Angels first legacy. The flood stripped them of everything, it destroyed their cities and children as well as all their monuments, wealth, culture, and memorial. In the days of Noah they oppressed and defiled the human race by hording food and putting man into slavery.

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