Google: 100 Billion Dollars Strong

It is simply amazing. Google’s value recently passed the 100 billion dollar mark. If you aren’t in awe of the company’s growth, then you are missing google scrape out on something that is nothing less than spectacular. So, what does all this mean? Are we all going to be Googled or something? We can’t be sure, but changes in the world and in the way you live will at least, in some part, have something to do with what Google has planned.

In September 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Stanford University PhD candidates launched Google just a few years after meeting each other in a Stanford dorm. Together, they began to work on a new search engine they initially called BackRub which listed search results according to the popularity of that page. Soon thereafter, the name was changed to Google and with the backing of family, friends, and investors to the tune of one million dollars; Google was launched on September 7, 1998, in a friend’s garage.

Let’s just say that from launch day forward growth has been nothing less than absolutely phenomenal.

It is nearly impossible to track all the changes that have taken place with the company since its inception. However, in 2004, the company went public and stocks were sold at what many considered to be a hyped up price of $85 per share. Today, shares have quadrupled in value and are set to pass the $350 mark. This fresh infusion of cash has allowed Google to expand, develop, or purchase other products including GMail, Blogger, GoogleEarth, Google Toolbar, Google Groups, Google Talk, and more.

There are other products in various stages of development and the usual “rumors” that suggest Google will create a completely different product line or purchase another company’s business. For the sake of fun, here are some of the areas that Google just may be interested in exploring:

  • VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol: A natural extension of all things internet.


  • Online Classifieds – If you can’t buy eBay, you can beat them.


  • Google Wallet – A payment processor to compete with Paypal.


  • Reuters – Is Google interested in purchasing the venerable news company?Some have wondered if Google’s rapid growth can be sustained. After all, 66 year old technology darling Hewlett Packard has gone through its share of bumps and scrapes over the years. By the way, HP is only valued at 80 billion dollars. Regardless, no one can predict the future, but if Google has its way the company will play an important part in your future.


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