Small Condoms Have More Advantage to Some Users

Not all men share the same size of private part. Some are big and long while the others are short and small. But no matter how big or small that is, they can still enjoy safe sex using condoms fit for their size.

Condoms come in different sizes and for men who want to be on the safe side all the time, the small-sized condoms is what they prefer. Since it is snug fit, the small condoms also known as “snugger” provide more sensation and are not likely to slip. Just to be clear, though, those using the smaller condoms do not necessarily have a smaller penis.

These small condoms are, of course, very ideal for men with small private parts. This is more effective to use instead of being worried most of the time about large condoms slipping in the middle of a pleasurable moment. With a small and narrower condom that has a tighter fit, more men with under sized penises can now gain more confidence and enjoy a good sexual relationship with their partners.

In fact, there is a growing demand for small and extra small condoms these days so men with small sized penis should no longer be embarrassed. Condom manufacturers are aware of this and are currently increasing their production for this size.

Thanks to one celebrity, the demand for small condoms is now on the upswing. It all started when singer Enrique Iglesias, son of famous Spanish balladeer Julio Iglesias, announced that he was launching his own brand of extra small condoms. He revealed that the reason he was doing this was he always found it hard to look for small-sized condoms and that he wanted to help men having the same problem.

Small condoms may indeed be difficult to find as they can’t be easily bought at just about any local store or clinic. However, men and women looking for this size may have luck if they search online. At least, through internet shopping, you can avoid the humiliation that often comes with buying smaller sized condoms.

In addition, did you know that you can also have your condoms custom-made for a perfect fit? There’s a store at Greenwich Village in New York that sells 55 sizes of condoms. Condomania has a slogan “They Fit” which means everything you buy from it should fit. The store is also online and to get the right size, you need to download a free measuring kit which you should use to measure the private part.


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