Spear Phishing and Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is a favorite strategy used by hackers and scammers. This is a case since through this technique they are able to target the large organizations. Spear phishing allows that the security measures employed by these organizations  гидра тор are by passed and henceforth unauthorized access to the organization’s network and confidential data. The spear phishing messages and emails are seen to come from trusted sources but when opened portend a whole different scenario.

The content of the spear phishing messages always see to ask for confirmation of private and personal information. The source of the emails will always be disguised as legitimate government agencies, the retailing and ecommerce website, your bank or any other organization. Other reasons may be given and these are premised on preventing fraud and the source will be a security or anti-fraud company that requires verification of information. Such efforts make an individual to fall for the trick and by so doing compromise both personal security and that of the organization he or she works for. The ruses used to get personal information get refined as people become aware of previously used tricks and avoid such email messages.

Spear phishing is not just the work of random hackers but is the work of more refined perpetrators who are out there for financial gain and for other purposes such as the theft of confidential data like the trade secrets of organizations. In order that the attack is complete, there are three important things which are trademarks of a phishing attack. The source of the email must be a known and a trusted source which will not in any way raise suspicion. The second feature has to be that of a message which supports the validity of the email. And lastly the request therein must make a lot of sense and logic.

There are a number of measures which should be taken to keep off from spear phishing attacks. These different measures should be actively followed to have any guarantee that the phishing attacks do not happen. First and foremost, do not click on links which have been provided on an email. These links may happen to be on an email which is requesting for personal information and these are highly probable that it is the work of fraudsters. Always authenticate the information which is found on an email especially where phony looking websites have been used to lure individuals. Pop screens are also very common in phishing attacks and are aimed to make sure that an individual is lured into entering personal information and passwords on this screen. The information is then used to achieve various unscrupulous means. This problem can be countered via the use of pop-up blocking software.

Another useful way to prevent spear phishing attacks is through the use of firewalls, spam filters and the antispyware and antivirus software to keep off the cyber criminals. The firewall as the first line of defense on a computer connected to the internet will prevent hackers from unauthorized access to the computer. The installed antivirus software will work to make sure that all incoming messages are scanned for suspicious files and these emails are highlighted and the attachments marked as insecure. The spam filter works to reduce the phishing emails.

Other measures are that only email attachments which were expected will be opened since they will contain information which you really know came from a specific source. On the converse, the sender of the email may be known but their accounts may also have been compromised and used to prey on close contacts. Always verify the identity of people emailing you or calling you and informing you of compromises of the information that you carry. To be on the safe side, always insist on knowing for the person’s name, the name of the agency or company, the telephone number, and the address. To confirm their identity, get the main number from the phone book, the directory, or the Internet and then call to find out if the person is legitimate. It is after these actions which confirm the identity of an individual should personal information be given out to the person.

Lastly, in the occurrence that a spear phisher has already compromised your security and gotten access to personal information, contact and notify the companies with whom you have the accounts right away so that the spear phishers can be stopped in their tracks.


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