Custom Lanyards: How to Make the Most of Them in Your Industry and Business

Due to the increasing popularity of custom lanyards, it has now become something common to see ID cards and badges held on a short cord at a person’s neck. What’s more, personalised lanyards can also feature the name of an event, a company’s name or logo, and even custom designs promotional messages. This tendency has now opened the door to new uses for custom lanyards, especially in industry and the business sector.

If you are wondering which are the reasons behind this increasing popularity, then you should know that marketing and improved security are among the main ones.

Promotional lanyards are great promotional items, helping businesses to convey their messages in an original and attractive manner. A custom lanyard will ensure that your message or your company’s logo or name become visible to as many prospective clients as possible. By using custom lanyards, you will not only increase your brand awareness, but you will also do so at minimal costs.

Apart from having your promotional lanyards imprinted with your business’ details, you can also personalize them and transform them into something stylish and eye-catching. You can choose the materials (nylon, polyester, cotton, satin, velvet etc.), the colours, the overall design, or the imprinting method (dye sublimation, silkscreen printing, weaving etc.)

You can practically adapt them to your personal tastes and available budget. In addition, custom lanyards can also be fitted with various accessories and attachments, thus increasing their utility and robustness.

Branded lanyards are perfect for corporate events and other types of activities, such as seminars, conventions, conferences, trade shows, fairs or fundraising events. Custom lanyards are usually sought after – especially if they are delivered with a fancy design – and many people keep using them, even after the event is over, as neck straps for ID tags or security pass holders. This way, you will make sure that your company’s name is promoted outside the event as well, thus increasing your chances of attracting new clients.

Lanyards, which can perfectly hold mobile phones around users’ necks, have become especially relevant to the youth/teen segment. There is no wonder that many companies target those market segments using custom lanyards as promotional giveaways.

Lanyards can be extremely useful for security identification. The need for increased security has dictated the use of ID holders and lanyards from schools to hospitals, public institutions, or private companies. Lanyards are extensively used for holding visitors’, employees’ or students’ IDs.

Companies can also use them for ID badges for their security staff and employee identification.

The increasing popularity of ID neck lanyards has turned them into an essential security component for numerous businesses, medical centres, schools, government agencies, or events and entertainment companies.


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