Fitness & Health Tip – Can You Make a Healthy Pasta Dish?

Me being Italian, pasta was part of my growing up, and to this day it’s still my favorite food, without question!

BUT, most people don’t think testogen review of pasta as being healthy. Matter of fact, most people don’t think of pasta having any other sauce than the traditional red or some sort of cream sauce.

I’ve eaten past with dozens of different concoctions as the primary sauce, and most of them didn’t have any red or cream sauce with them.

The “non-pasta” people are now scratching their head. No worries, I’ll get into a bit more details coming up.

First of all, YES, I know that whole wheat pasta is better for you. BUT, I don’t like the gritty taste is has. To me, the whole wheat pasta feels like there is sand in it and just doesn’t do it for me. So, THAT part of my meal may not be the healthiest, ok?

OK, try this recipe out for size……

In some sort of skillet, put a little bit of olive oil. Add some salt, pepper, garlic (hey, I’m Italian, what can I say) and maybe some onions, but that’s up to you. Let that brown for a bit then add some FRESHLY WASHED spinach to the mix. Spinach you ask? Yup, that’s right. As the spinach cooks, it will reduce down to a more manageable size within the pan. There may also be some water still on the spinach so you want to cook as much of that off as possible.

Cook your pasta in another pan, of course. Strain the pasta (when it’s cooked), put it in a pasta bowl then pour the spinach sauce over it. You may have to play around with the portions of olive oil, garlic and spinach, depending on the amount of past you cook, but you’ll be amazed as to how this tastes.


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