Getting Souvenirs in Singapore

Before you decide to buy any souvenir from the country merlionqq you visit, do some research on the country’s icon. Then decide if you want to get a cheap or expensive authentic souvenir for your friends and family.

Singapore’s national flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim (a kind of orchid) and her icon is the merlion. Its population comprises mainly Chinese, followed by Malays, Indians and Eurasians.

You can get Chinese souvenirs, Paranakan, Nyoya or Indian Souvenirs. Chinese, Paranakan, and Nyoya souvenirs can be found in Chinatown while Indian souvenirs can be bought in Little India.

There are many shops in Singapore which sells souvenirs. Tourists attractions like Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa are a few places you can get Singapore souvenirs. Another place is Chinatown. They sell cheap souvenirs with orchids and merlions on them. There are many shops in Chinatown, so if you have the whole day free to shop, you can go to each shop to compare prices. However, their quality is compromised.

If you want to get an authentic souvenir and be sure you will not get cheated, Singapore Mint is a good place to look for orchids and merlion souvenirs. Moreover, they are valuable and can be resold at a higher price once these souvenirs are out of production. You can even buy them online if you missed or did not have the time to buy them when you were in Singapore.

Another cheap and authentic souvenir that you should get for your friends and family are the Singapore pressed pennies. Singapore’s First and only pressed penny machine can only be found in Suntec City Mall. It costs $2 for each penny and you can either get a pressed US penny out of it or shiny brass token. They have 4 different unique designs not found elsewhere in the world and they make a great addition for existing elongated coins collectors. It is a hand-cranked machine which makes it fun and interactive for you and your friends or family.


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