My Chinese Recipes – How to Make Chinese Steamed Milk Custard

I would like to introduce our Chinese Steamed Milk ביצים סיניות Custard. Some people may find it is similar to the Western Cream Brulee, but no caramel layer can find as we only use the steaming method.

We have a famous restaurant in Hong Kong only selling Steamed Milk Custard and fresh milk. We always need to line up for over 30 people, just waiting to eat the milk custard every Sunday.

My mother cooked this custard to my family every Sunday when I was a kid. We loved its sweet and rich in egg taste. It is an ideal dessert in winter as the weather is dry, my grandma always reminded us to eat dessert in winter so that our skin will keep in good condition. It is not only for girls, it is also good for boys. Besides this milk custard, I will introduce another dessert, Ginger Milk Pudding. We will use milk next time, not more egg. We always enjoy cooking the Ginger Milk Pudding as it is a cooking game.

Try this custard to enjoy the rich taste of egg.


1 cup beaten egg

1 cup water

1 cup fresh milk

4oz rock sugar


1. Add fresh milk into the beaten egg gradually.

2. Dissolve rock sugar in 1 cup of water. Cool, gradually mix into the egg mixture and drain.

3. Divide mixture into 4 rice bowls, steam over gentle heat in a bamboo steamer for about 25 minutes or until set, serve hot.

Practice Tips: If a metal steamer or wok is used, cover the custard with aluminum foil to avoid water vapor that will destroy the topping, cook for about 15-20 minutes.


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