Starting Fresh With Your New Journal

If you are new to journaling and are ready to get started, you are about to take a step into a much larger world. I have been journaling new journal for years and I have to admit, I’m not only addicted to it, I find that it helps me in so many different areas of my life. I’m sure that you’re going to have the same experience and beginning your journal on the right foot can certainly help you to make the most out of it from the very first day that you do it.

Perhaps the first suggestion that I can give to you is that you must start today. Many of us tend to put things off, but journaling should not be included in that list. If you put something off for tomorrow, keep in mind that tomorrow never gets here.

Some people prefer to use a software driven journal, and that really is there prerogative but I would always suggest to write your journal in a physical book using a pen or pencil. Using the computer seems quite impersonal and since you’re going to be recording your thoughts, you would want to be as connected to it as possible.

Above all, feel free to express yourself as much as possible and, provided you keep your journal safe you can record private information that you would never want anyone to see. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the security of your journal, however, so that you will also be comfortable with providing the details of your life.

Penny has developed her intuitive awareness of the healing energies through her involvement with Spiritual and Holistic Healing for over half a century. She firmly believes in the power of the subconscious mind to help overcome the many difficulties in life we may encounter from time to time.


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