Stress, Accidents And Loan Policies

Mismanaged STRESS can cause accidents; directly as well as indirectly. Thus the direct influence of the STRESS is through undisciplined, irresponsible, careless, uncontrolled and haphazard driving. The indirect influence of mismanaged ソフト闇金  STRESS is through the ad hoc, populist, undisciplined, irresponsible, careless, uncontrolled and haphazard decision, policy making, plans, programs and their implementation.

It is true that at young age; we feel like riding bicycles, scooters, motor cycles and cars. There is a craze of riding and racing on a vehicle. There is attraction for speed.

(The horse, donkey, camel, elephant and even buffalo riding are popular. But the number of animals is dwindling due unabated slaughter and devouring of animals. Moreover; the margins of profits are possibly not as attractive as in the vehicle industries and trades. Hence there is no promotion and/or hype of these. Naturally; these rides are rapidly becoming extinct.)

In general the policies and programs of the governments, industries, traders, banks, advertisers and the entertainment business; revolve around natural and artificially created crazes (based on biological instincts and emotions). They revolve around the craze of riding, speeding and racing; irrespective of its consequences! They revolve around the glamour, glitter, pomp, style, trend, fashion and “one up man” ship. They revolve around impressing the others!

Thus; the government policies, industries, trades, banks, advertising and entertainment business; complement one another; in capitalizing and on such crazes and creating social hazard and menace! Hence there are the policies of excessive import and unmanageably infinite production of cars, motor cycles, scooters etc.; promotion, provision of easy and soft loans, marketing, creation of hype, style statement, fashion, and morbidly excessive and artificially created hysterical demand!

This is the effect mismanaged of the STRESS of policy and decision makers, in different fields!

It leads to excessive increase in personal vehicles, leading to all the STRESS of traffic jams, pollution; and accidents; in spite of ad hoc and piecemeal measures such as increasing traffic police, stringent traffic rules, compulsion of helmets etc.!

The root of the problem viz. Complementarity and cooperation of forces; increasing the number of private and personal vehicles on the road; in preference to the public vehicles of mass transport; can be largely overcome by;

1) Adequate production and promotion (in terms of quality and quantity) of vehicles of mass transport such as buses and easily available low interest (easily affordable) loans; for the purchase and use of buses as compared to and in preference to private cars, and two wheelers

2) Normalizing of the disastrously excessive production and promotion of private and personal vehicles including two wheelers

This can have some rectifying influence in terms of preferential purchase of buses and running public undertakings and private businesses of mass (bus) transport. The number of vehicles on road would reduce and the major STRESS would be largely overcome. The wellness cycle would begin.

Loan policy to reduce personal vehicles and promote vehicles of mass transport; is not merely complementary to all the precautions every body related to automobile industry and road transport; such as the car owners, drivers, pedestrians and the traffic police should take. In addition; being holistic and accurate; the impact of this policy is far more extensive; than any individual, departmental or institutional precautions, taken in isolation.


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