Stun Guns – Get The Facts

The presence of crime, the talk regarding crime, the reports having to do with crime, along with the fear and anxiety of crime, point to the simple fact that it is not as safe as it used to be to go about our everyday activities, especially sell csgo skins late at night. No one wants to be subjected to the nightmare-like ordeal of becoming the object of a stranger’s violent hostility.

We must try to avoid becoming complacent when it comes to our personal safety. Pepper spray and stun guns are unquestionably terrific non-lethal self-defense products to protect yourself when faced with an unavoidable threat.

Below is information about what a stun gun is and what it does to make it so effective.

Preparation and Prevention

Preparation as well as prevention is certainly far better than reaction. It is a lot more effective and advantageous to prevent a potential threat from developing rather than having to contend with a threat when it rears its ugly head. It is possible to successfully protect yourself against a lot of criminal acts simply by developing greater awareness of who and what exactly is around you.

If prevention does not work, you should be prepared to defend yourself with highly effective non-lethal options recommended below.

Stun Gun – What It Is

A stun gun is a direct contact weapon, meaning that the electrodes of the unit make contact with the assailant in order to deliver an electrical charge. The electrical charge travels through the assailants clothes and into the body, temporarily disrupting muscle functions.

Stun Guns – How They Work

Stun guns as a rule have high voltage and low amps. The component that makes it an effective self protection device is the output amps. Volts represent the amount of electrons pushed out of a power source such as an outlet, while Amps represent the force with which electrons are pushed out of the outlet.

As an analogy using a fireman’s hose, volts are the quantity of water coming out of the hose, and the amps represent the pressure, or the force, of the water. A large volume of water, without pressure, just dribbles out of the hose. If the same volume of water is pressurized the output can be quite damaging, and on certain occasions has been used for crowd control.

The higher voltage is significant in that it allows the electrical charge to penetrate the assailants clothes and reach the body.

Using The Stun Gun

Application of the stun gun should be focused on areas with a high concentration of nerves near the surface of the skin such as the neck, shoulders and stomach. Generally speaking, a one second contact with the device will repel or startle and may cause muscles to contract. One to two seconds will result in muscle spasms and a confused state. Three or more seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control, loss of concentration and severe disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several minutes and effects may last for up to fifteen minutes. You should maintain the contact until the assailant is down and you can safely get away.

More time is required if the assailant is large, or you are using a low voltage model, or your gun is not sufficiently charged.

Electricity will not travel back to you from the assailant so you will not get shocked.

Stun Guns – Why They Work

The stun gun causes severe discomfort to the sensory nervous system nerves, which are close to the skin’s surface. The energy from the device is discharged into the muscles at a high pulse frequency energy. This scrambles tiny neurological impulses that are responsible for control of muscle movement. This results in disorientation and loss of balance. The attacker will be disabled from a few minutes and up to 30 minutes, with no serious or permanent injury.


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