The Pros And Cons Of Cheap VPS Hosting

If you want to publish your own website on the internet then you will need to get yourself a web hosting account. And if you have already spent a bit of time and put in a bit of effort to look at all of the various different options that there are available to you as a customer looking for this type of service then you will know that there are lots of different types of accounts and that the eWebGuru VPS server prices actually vary hugely from very cheap to really very expensive. With all of those different options to choose between it can be confusing, especially if you don’t really know the difference between each kind of web hosting account and therefore do not know what you need or how much you should spend to get something that will be good enough for you.

At the really cheap end you begin with shared server plans. These basically involve lots of different accounts being put onto the same machine. At the higher end, which can be very expensive, are the dedicated server plans where you get a whole machine all to yourself that you rent from the company who maintains it. You get much better performance with a dedicated server, but also more responsibility to run and manage it yourself.

Right in the middle of these two options is the VPS hosting account, which involves a small number of people sharing a machine, and software to make it seem as if you have a machine to yourself, with your own ip address and so on.

A cheap VPS account isn’t much more expensive that a shared plan these days – so is it worth spending just a few extra dollars per month to get a VPS?

The main benefit that you will get from a VPS, or virtual private server plan compared to cheap shared accounts is the flexibility and extra control. If you get a jump in traffic to your site, for example, it is easy to buy extra resources to handle that traffic.

Another advantage is that you get your site on a unique ip address / nameserver. That means that you can’t have problems with other people sharing the same server giving you a bad name by their dodgy activities and potentially getting you knocked out of or down the search results in Google and the other search engines, which can happen on a shared account.


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