The WoW Gold Tip That Keeps Me Playing

have been playing WoW since Classic days. The one thing that has been constant throughout those times has been the need for gold. I have always seemed to be lacking in the amount of gold that to buy all the cool new things that come out.

In fact, I was having such a hard time with gold that I was prepared to quit the game completely. I had just purchased epic flying on my second character wow classic buy items and was broke. It took me forever to get enough to buy epic flying again, then afterwards I had to borrow gold just so I could repair my gear for raiding.

A week later I was ready to give up since most of my free time was spent trying to farm items to put on the Auction House. I knew the item sells really well so I figured if I just keep farming it I would be fine with gold. The problem was the more I farmed it, the less I wanted to. And was at the point where I would go to farm, but wouldn’t get anything done.

Then I learned the tip that saved me from quitting the game.

The Golden Tip – Change around your play style and come up with as many different ways to make gold as possible. Now duh, of course that makes sense, but I had set something that works in my head, and stuck to it. I went and learned great new ways to make WoW gold and starting using several techniques I learned.


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