Using Google Products – Making Your Products Sell With Google

It is true to say that Google Products is one of the less promoted Google range of innovations, but with every day that passes it is being used more and more and undoubtedly could soon be one of the leading price comparison tools on the google rank tracker api Internet. At the moment, quite a few of the online ecommerce facilities do not recognise the power of being in Google Products and therefore do not take the time to get their items listed and are missing out on many potential sales.

Google Products is obviously part of the Google enterprise, but from an SEO and Website point of view, it is essential that if you are selling any kind of products then you should get all of them listed on the Google Product system.

To see how powerful this system is in terms of getting your products viewed by more people, type in a product name into Google, in this case we will use Compaq Laptop as a search term. So, on the main Google page, simply search for “Compaq Laptop” and then hit the search button. You then see about three results down a whole list of Compaq Laptops powered by Google Products, meaning that if your site is struggling to rank naturally or organically for this search term then selling your products on the Google Products system is a massive necessity.

The system allows you to upload your products in few ways which include:


  • Text File
  • CSV File
  • XML Feed
  • Existing or Shopzilla Feed


Or, if you have the knowledge, skill and patience you can us an API. The Google Base API is designed for skilled developers with technical know-how who would like to integrate their applications with Google Merchant Center, saving the user hours when it comes to manually producing feeds.

Ways To Make Your Product Feed More Effective

Images – If there is one thing you simply have to do, it is to make sure that your feed and products have good images, without them your products will not sell and Google Products may well reject them from appearing in the searches. Images sell products; we all know that, so make sure you spend time taking good pictures or sourcing quality images of your products.

Titles – To have any chance of ranking in Google Products your Titles need to be strong. Make sure you spend time optimising every product title. For example, if you were selling Washing Machines, don’t just use “Washing Machine” use something like “Hotpoint PRODUCT CODE PRODUCT NAME 8kg 1600 RPM Graphite Washing Machine”

Descriptions – Make your descriptions as good as they can possibly be, but try to avoid using selling terms such as “great” “amazing” “wonderful” etc as the system doesn’t really like these to be used.

Brand Names – Try to make sure you mention the brand name in your title and description when it comes to listing them on the Products system. People do search for brands so you need to make sure that you mention this within the feed.

Getting established in Google Products takes time, so have some patience. Add as many products as you can and do not give up if the feed is rejected, keep mending it and working on the errors that the system reports. When your feed is rejected or does not upload all of the products, you will be told why, so work on this and fix the problems. The Google Products forum is a great way to find out what you are doing wrong, as there are loads of people all willing to help you get the feed fixed and working.

You can set the system to take the feed automatically from your server or you can schedule a manual upload, but make sure you upload the new feed every time you add products, as the more times you add new products the more the products system will start to realise how regular your feed is becoming.


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