Why Moms Are Trading in Their Kids For Newborn Baby Dolls

OK, maybe the headline is a bit exaggerated. I’m not sure that any mother in the world would trade her children for a beautiful newborn baby doll, but I’m sure there are times when you had that thought – huh? Let’s face it – kids can be real trouble. They’re noisy, BBW sex dollĀ  can be cranky and they can be a real mess. But they do grow up, eventually, and leave you to go off to claim their part of the world.

Why is all the excitement over newborn baby dolls these days? And why are they becoming so popular, even though some of these realistic dolls can cost upwards of several hundred dollars! I think I may have some answers for you, and you may be surprised at what other people are doing – and why.

There is a movement afoot in the doll industry called “reborners.” These folks create incredibly realistic dolls as a hobby, and some do it to make a living. Many of these “reborn” dolls are sold on exclusive websites or even eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Some of these craftspeople will even create a custom doll for you – just send then a photo of the baby you want to “replicate” and they will make it happen for you.

The very newborn baby dolls that are so popular now are called a “reborn” doll. Everything about these incredible creations are designed to duplicate the real thing – right down to skin color and texture, hair, dimensions and weight. In fact, these newborn baby dolls are so realistic looking you may stop and check the “baby’s” breathing if you see one in a crib. They are that true-to-life! Of course, don’t be alarmed, you won’t see a single breath, but their ability to duplicate the real thing will take your breath away!

We’ve established that these little creations are incredibly realistic, but who would want one of these creations? You may not give your 3-year old child a $200 newborn baby doll to play with, that might be a bit too much to handle. Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest groups of people buying these dolls are mothers whose children have flown the coop! They miss having an infant close by, so they naturally gravitate towards these beautiful creations. And, the great thing about these newborn baby dolls is the fact that they require absolutely no care whatsoever – just tuck them into bed, take that two-week trip to the Bahamas, and your little bundle of joy will just be waking up to greet you upon your return!


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